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SUMMER 0F 2015 - 300 ++ TRACKS

Σήμερα είναι 23 Νοεμβρίου και μπορούμε να πούμε ότι επίσημα αφήνουμε το καλοκαίρι πίσω μας.
Αυτό λοιπόν ήταν το καλοκαίρι... κι επειδή στο σχολείο μάθαμε ότι το καλοκαίρι είναι μόνο τρεις μήνες, παρουσιάζουμε τα κομμάτια που ακούστηκαν περισσότερο από 1/6/2015 έως 31/8/2015.
Το Νο 1 έχει τις περισσότερες μεταδόσεις, τα είκοσι πρώτα δεν έχουν μεγάλες διαφορές μεαξύ τους.
Μη ξεχνάτε ότι όλο το καλοκαίρι παίζαμε 8 tracks από το ιστορικό album των Fleetwood Mac, Tango In The Night. Συνολικά 4 μεταδόσεις την ημέρα

(πάντα στο τέλος στριμώχνονται πολλά κομμάτια με τον ίδιο αριθμό μεταδόσεων)

1 Thomas Schwartz + Fausto Fanizza You Would
2 Parov Stelar Don't Believe What They Say
3 Mark Twerk Mirage (Original Mix)
4 Giannis Haroulis O Trellos (Roni Iron Mix)
5 Mazelo Νostra Midnight In Ibiza
6 Lego Boy Rethinking About Love (Cayetano Remix)
7 Dreamachinery Maurice Xsong
8 Deeperise Make Me Alive (Original Mix)
9 Mekkas Sunset Without You (Original Mix)
10 Cosmic Cowboys Hydra (Original Mix)
11 LetKolben Epithet
12 18 Summers Later August Moon (Nosak Remix)
13 Archive Distorted Angels (Last Chance Remix)
14 Nocturnal Sunshine It's Alright
15 Elegant Ape Before My Eyes
16 Cuebur No Doubt  Ft. M Guzman (Jojo Rose Remix)
17 Iain Mackenzie Love Me All Around The World
18 Raving George You're Mine Ft. Oscar & The Wolf
19 Horn + Bermann Hazy Eyes (Original Mix)
20 Emika Miracles
21 Kled Mone Hit The Road Jack
22 Aaron Ahrends Newborn (Forgotten Birds Remix)
23 Thodoris Triantafillou Phos Ft. Mikael Delta
24 Roi Okev Never Sleep (Original Mix)
25 HVOB Ghost (Original Mix)
26 Frenic Before You Leave
27 Bloum Bells
28 DSF + Elias Fassos The Girl That Can't Go Back (VKD Mix)
29 Popof, Arno Joey Words Gone
30 Jaap Ligthart I Know Change Ft. A Rose (Him_Self_Her)
31 Set Mo White Dress Ft. Deutsch Duke
32 Derlee Melody For The Lonely
33 Alex Spite G. M. (Original Mix)
34 Sante Cruze Get So High (Original Mix)
35 ReLight Orchestra, VenomiS Goodnight Moon
36 Monsieur Minimal Gaidadelic (Radio Edit)
37 Ella Henderson Mirror Man (Alex Adair Remix)
38 Einmusik + Valentine Sleep Talk (Original Mix)
39 Matthew Lima, Rebelski Believe
40 Joachim Pastor Reykjavik (Original Mix)
41 Marcas The Looking Glass
42 Luc Angenehm Glow Ft. Matthias Propach
43 George Benson Breezin'
44 Candyblasta The Ocean
45 Artfaq Id (Alex Vidal Remix)
46 Alkalino Portuguese Hustler (Vocal Mix)
47 Sasha Beek You Only Get One Life
48 Poordream Flying Blind
49 Nicolas Haelg Gravity Ft. Marie Beeckman
50 Mononome From The Ashes
51 Irin Ajo, Adedeji Adetayo Alafia De (N Diamantopoulos Mix)
52 I Have A Tribe Yellow Raincoats (Frank Wiedemann Remix)
53 Christian Loffler York
54 West Norwood Cassette Library Missing You
55 Sascha Braemer No Home
56 N'To Comete (Original Mix)
57 Melokind Nurianer (Original Mix)
58 Jacob Phono Paradise Of You (Original Mix)
59 Harri Agnel To Run Out Of Fear
60 Collioure Dazzing Love
61 Ambassadeurs Crimson
62 Dim Vach You Ft. Anna Tarba
63 Thyladomid The Real Thing Ft. Mahfoud
64 Dayne S Moments (Original Mix)
65 Zimmer Heartbreak Reputation Ft. Polina
66 Torul Higher
67 Olej, Stereoteric + Toxez No Limits (Cucumbers Mix)
68 Marek Hemmann Alice
69 Little Boots Working Girl
70 Lane 8 Loving You Ft. Lulu James
71 Deelicious Easy Lover (Original Mix)
72 Death On The Balcony Addict For Your Love
73 Acid Pauli, Monolink The End (Original Mix)
74 Viken Arman Rosas (Original Mix)
75 Jaakko Eino Kalevi Double Talk
76 Fort Frances Summertime
77 Dialoque Sorry Eyes (Original Mix)
78 David Proia Retour Aux Sources (Original Mix)
79 Beth Don't You Worry Child (Joshua Grey Remix)
80 BenSolo. The Evidence (Thorne Miller Remix)
81 Amirali Fearful Stay
82 Romin Breathe (Did Virgo Remix)
83 Popof Your Eyes (Original Mix)
84 Joss Stone This Ain't Love
85 Poldoore Never Defeated Ft. Nieve & EME
86 Crazy P Like A Fool
87 BLANCAh Casuar
88 Bar White Noise (Shahrokh Dini Rremix)
89 AM + Shawn Lee In Moments
90 Swift Guad Macadam Cowboy (Tribute To Elena)
91 Satori (NL) + Miou Amadee Days Without You
92 Q Funktion Since Then
93 Progreg + Msekko Black & White
94 YokoO Break The Light Ft. Seabourne & Seth Schwarzs Violin
95 Tiefschwarz Do Me Ft. Khan (Frank Wiedemann)
96 Paradis Sur Une Chanson En Francais
97 Neighbour, Rob Garza Your Calling Ft. Stee Downes
98 Mark Lower The One You Like Ft. Yota
99 Bob Moses Talk (Original Mix)
100 Lost Puppet Society Alone in the Woods
101 Cosmic Cowboys If You Leave Tonight (Kollektiv Turmstrasse)
102 Savages The Ascent
103 El_Txef_A The Love We Lost Ft. Woolfy (Bedouin Mix)
104 The Bird And The Bee Recreational Love
105 Noise In Fade To Grey (In A Forest)
106 Mighty Sceptres (The) I Found The Letter
107 Keenhouse Time (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Remix)
108 Haelos The Sun Rising
109 Chemical Brothers (The) Wide Open Ft. Beck
110 Years + Years Desire
111 Dj Pantelis That Summer (The Balearica Anthem)
112 Dim Zach Angel (Original Mix)
113 Cino Starfish Island
114 Last International Playboys (The) Dancing On My Grave
115 Monoplay Trust Me (Original Mix)
116 Suna About Love (Original Mix)
117 French Duo Poom De La Vitesse A L'lvresse
118 Moby The Quickness
119 Parov Stelar Keep This Fire Burning
120 Jamie XX Loud Places Ft. Romy
121 Paul Van Dyk Guardian with Aly & Fila (Sunset Mix)
122 Undertake Sweet Kind Of Mine
123 HONNE Coastal Love
124 Darius Helios Ft. Wayne Snow
125 Cora Novoa Golden Apples Ft. S Tucker
126 Cape Esan Sstv
127 Zalinski Dos Sun Is Rising
128 Hot Chip Easy To Get
129 Hemo Music For Airports (Pilot Automatic Mix)
130 Ghostpoet X Marks The Spot Ft. N Shah
131 Afterlife Pearl & Dean
132 Vita La Jess Paris
133 Matzingha Vattaru (original mix)
134 Jason Burns + Sarah Winters Lightweight (Sandy Rivera)
135 Hamlet My Head Is A Jungle (Dynamic David remix)
136 Flight Of The Conchords Business Time (I Am Robot Mix)
137 Blank + Jones Survivor with Mike Francis
138 9West This Road
139 Troels Hammer Butterfly
140 Tosca Happy Hour
141 Noze I Need to Know Ft. Dani Siciliano
142 Christian Bachmann How It Is To Be Free
143 Avener (The) To Let Myself Go Ft. Ane Brun
144 Alex Puddu High Times in N.Y.C
145 Zengineers Hold Me Ft. Martha Potempa
146 The Dealer For A Night Ft. Shells
147 Paulsen + Stryczek El Medano
148 Noze Cherry Trees
149 Lapsley Falling Short (Mark Lower Remix)
150 John Tejada Two 0 One
151 Sophie Ellis Bextor True Faith
152 Musetta Standing By My Side (Ormatie Remix)
153 Matahari Sons Let's Get Twisted
154 Herb Alpert Rise (Dim Zach & Deem Edit)
155 Francesca Belmonte Walk With You
156 Rampue Wilderness Ft. Rosa Lux
157 Of Norway Spirit Lights (Adriatique Remix)
158 Junior + Baumon Don't Listen Much
159 Dub Mars You Give Me Energy
160 Bostro Pesopeo + Pional Baby Blue
161 Valentina Black Rivers
162 Michael Jackson Rock With You (Darone Remix)
163 Lightzoff Broken Ft. Trifonic (Deep Sound Remix)
164 Lexer Till Dawn Ft. Audrey Janssens
165 Got A Girl Friday Night
166 Funky Destination Little Darling
167 Vinyl Suicide 6.40 AM (On Lycabettus) 2015 Version
168 Tripssono Triptango
169 SomehowArt Something Dramatic
170 Rodg Perfect Night (Original Mix)
171 Noze Teardrops
172 Monica Mira Love The Way (Raidel Mix)
173 Mister T Jestofunked
174 Boca 45 We're Right Here Ft. The Good People
175 Aaron Ahrends Newborn (Ada Remix)
176 Tricky Something In The Way Ft. F. Belmonte
177 Krusty Red Tiles
178 Junior Pappa + Antonio Take Me Home
179 Got A Girl Things Will Never Be the Same
180 Go Satta Time To Love (A Copycat Remix)
181 Emika Battles
182 Cepasa Similar Ft. Dasha Kolomiec
183 Angelcy (The) My Baby Boy (Junge & Maedchen Remix)
184 Liebe Reasons
185 Last Chance 22.46 Ft. Tolis Fasois
186 Hotlane On My Own
187 Feverkin Coiled Corner Ft. Bijou
188 Dubphonic Trick Of Time
189 5 Reasons Shine For Me Ft. Vijee
190 Trashlagoon Sunbug
191 The Whitest Boy Alive 1517 (AGFA Re-Edit)
192 Solaya As Is
193 Sade Somebody Already Broke My Heart (Olej Edit)
194 Noir, Caitlin Let It Go (Raw Club Cut)
195 Fleetwood Mac Family Man
196 Wax Tailor This Train (Phonovisions Version)
197 Slow Club Complete Surrender
198 Ruederich + Meggy Top Of The World (Marek Hemmann)
199 PillowTalk Lullaby
200 Kalabi Deep Red Wine
201 Cameo Culture Precious
202 Aydio Deltitnu
203 9 In Common Action & Reaction
204 Warmth Those Words (Mike Tohr Remix)
205 Radiohead Reckoner (Angara Remix)
206 Looper What If
207 Kormac Get Up, Go Away Ft. Micah P. Hinson
208 Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know (Clem Beat'z Mix)
209 Flunk Sanctuary (Nosak Remix)
210 Fleetwood Mac Little Lies
211 Dim Zach Love Without Prediction
212 Weekend Sun Come With Me
213 TrommelTobi Forget Ft. Chrisfader
214 Swing Republic Moanin' For You
215 Romare Motherless Child
216 La Roux Tropical Chancer
217 Kosikk Kindle My Heart
218 Fleetwood Mac You and I, Part II
219 Emika Serious Trouble
220 Wild Beasts A Simple Beautiful Truth
221 TV Girl Daughter Of A Cop
222 Tape Five Swing With Bling
223 N'To Time (Original Mix)
224 Kormac Wake Up Ft. Bajka
225 Ewan Hoozami You Are Soul (Original)
226 Deela Killo
227 Danny Deluxe Tainted
228 Mark Oakland Lovetrappening
229 Brandon Bass Easy Feeling (Wednesday Dub)
230 Barbarossa Imager
231 Avener (The) Castle In The Snow & Kadebostany
232 Sublab So In Love (Original Mix)
233 Pole Folder Scared To Lose Ft. Sandra Ferretti
234 MQN Slum Dog
235 Fleetwood Mac Seven Wonders
236 Lukas Grinys + Valda Ridikaite Merry-go-round
237 Kasper Bjork Lies Ft. Nomi Ruiz
238 Pale Fountains (The) Something On My Mind
239 Fleetwood Mac Everywhere
240 Fleetwood Mac Big Love
241 Noir + Caitlin Black (Extended Version)
242 Mario Biondi You Can't Stop This Love Between Us
243 Lindstrom Paaskelyd (Bottin's Skogkatt Track)
244 TrommelTobi Sugar
245 Q Funktion Quiet Nights
246 GAD A Kind Of Death
247 Os Digitalistas Never Let Me Down Again
248 Diventa Project Crazy for You (Xemplify & Zelonka Mix)
249 Trashlagoon Circus
250 Reid Singapore (Original mix)
251 Nosak Horizons (Original Mix)
252 Karin Park + Pandora Drive Hurricane
253 Fleetwood Mac Mystified
254 Tosel & Hale Miles Away (Mark Lower Remix)
255 Pacific Disco So High
256 Oliver Koletzki Up in the Air Ft. Fran
257 Ludovico Of Leon Sex On Fire (Craaze Classical)
258 Henry Mancini Lujon (Elias Tzikas re-edit)
259 Vicente Fernandez De 7 A 9
260 Rico Puestel Dependencies (Original Mix)
261 Kenzler + Kenzler Farewell
262 Culoe De Song Y.O.U.D. (Original Mix)
263 Oi Va Voi Yesterday Mistakes
264 Nekta No Need To Rumble
265 Monsieur Minimal Hungry
266 HNNY Sylvia
267 Florian Rietze Forgive Me (Cosmic Cowboys Mix)
268 We Are The Brave Your Ghost
269 Nightmares On Wax Thinking of Omara
270 George V Love Revolution
271 Dj Snatch Fontebella (Little D. & Stamy Remix)
272 Chaim Blue Shadow (Original Mix)
273 Little Boots The Game
274 Brandi Ifgray Mono (Ibiza Mix)
275 Willy Real + David Prap Hope
448 Paul Kalkbrenner Cloud Rider (Original Mix)
277 Sailor + I Sweat
278 Oliver Koletzki Reality
279 L'Imperatrice Sonate Pacifique
280 Dim Zach You (sPlay mix)
281 Beat Movement Nuvole Di Fumo
282 Stars No Better Place
283 Sivert Hoyem Into The Sea (Sonny Alven Mix)
284 Ran Salman Fractured Memories (Patrick Podage Mix)
285 Julio Iglesias Amor
286 Ez3kiel Anonymous Ft. Pierre Mottron
287 Club Des Belugas Never Think Twice Ft. Lene Riebau
288 Teenage Mutants, Th;en The Unhappy Song
289 Mazelo Nostra Terjango
290 Sarah Cracknell Hearts Are for Breaking
291 Percy Faith Theme From A Summer Place
292 Sarah Cracknell Nothing Left to Talk About
293 Kiesza Hideaway (Mitch Murder Remix)
294 Frenic Inception Beat
295 Fghf Hggy
296 Feder Goodbye Ft. Lyse
297 Nicone Baben (Original Mix)
298 Dole + Kom Silence Ft.Kollmorgen (Seth Schwarz Mix)
299 Frankie Valli Passion For Paris
300 Al l Bo Walls Of Tears (Original mix )
301 Zac Love Sugar Pill
302 Tesla Boy Invisible (Sportloto Remix)
303 Navid Izadi Once Upon A Time Ft. Aya
304 Parov Stelar Magenta Rising
305 Melina Merkouri Agapi Pou 'Gines (Papercut Remix)
306 Bertie Higgins Casablanca
307 Ben Liebrand Weekend Ft. James D-Train Williams
308 Keep Shelly In Athens Benighted
309 Skye Said And Done
310 JIM Bretodeau
311 Sante Awake Ft. J.U.D.G.E
312 Siska Badly
313 J. R. Haim Au Revoir!
314 L Vis 1990 Lost In Love Ft. Javeon McCarthy
315 MS MR Painted